To perform this method, you’ll need:

✓ A VPN or VPS, you can use any VPN service.

✓ A Bank with IBAN system, you can also use a VBA with IBAN but that’s your own choice a method to get them for free is described in this ebook.

To get started, signup and verify your Facebook account.

You can use the VBA IBAN method in this book to signup a fast PayPal account which you can use for FB verification, you won’t need a creditcard!

Once verified succesfully go for automatic payments like stated on this facebook support page: (Please read this guideline)

Works with the following countries: United States – United Kingdom – Spain – Austria – Belgium – Cyprus – Estland – Finland – France – Germany – Greece – Ierland – Itali- Luxemburg – Malta – Monaco – Netherlands- Portugal – Slovakia – Slovenia

Hence why you potentionally might need a VPN. (Note: your Facebook account and bank must be located in one of the supported countries)


FAQ about automatic payments and useful information.


So, when you are at automatic payments and confirmed the VBA you can spend unlimited for 58 days or $100+ per day for 20-31 days or even higher for a shorter duration. After those days facebook will charge the VBA through IBAN and find out it’s empty and they’ll block automatic payments for the account at that point you need to pay legit or you need to repeat the method on a new account If you keep repeating it you have free facebook ads forever.


To receive free VBA’s, use this method:

1. Go on a dutch (The netherlands) VPN.

2. Go to

3. Signup with a dutch address, name and phone number (you can get all on google they don’t verify it)

4. When they ask for bank details you fill in Bank name: ING Bank – IBAN: NL85INGB0755503585 (Or you can search it on google.)

5. When they ask for passport you fill in National ID Number: 837990049 (Can be anything but has to be 9 numbers long)

6. Wait for your account to get verified (verification is fake they just look if it “looks” real)

7. You’ll get verified within 12 hours, 8/10 times within 4 hours but they say it can take days, that’s not true.

NOTE: You can re-use the IBAN but switch between the IBAN’s below and keep a few hours between each registration.

ING Bank (Most trusted bank in Europe)







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