• 1 – Known methods to gain real followers

– Post content regularly, on a daily basis and the most HQ possible. If you don’t like your face or nobody likes you then post some shit about mangas or some gfx work. You’ll always find people to like this, trust me.

– Follow your friends followers : just spam the damn button and unfollow everyone who didn’t followback you after 2-3 days.

– Follow known personnalities : some random spam accounts will start following you, just ignore all the shit they’ll tell you and keep them followed as long as possible. Subscribers are subscribers. The goah here is not to be honest but to see the damn number grow up.

– Put random #’s on your posts, popular ones. You’ll get your account targetted by bots & real people depending on the # you choosed. Then followback everyone to keep them subscribed.

  • 2 – Private methods to gain real followers

– Crack accounts. You’re not on for nothing. Grab some combolist, some proxies, a nice OB config and do your shit. (I do not recommend this as it is illegal and I am not responsible for what you do with your pc)

– With those cracked accounts, access them as fast as possible and tag yourself in their photos. The hacked victim will unfollow you and probably unlike you but the real people which will have seen the post will add you. You need to do this fast. (I still do not recommend this as it is illegal and I am not responsible for what you do with your pc)

  • 3 – Instagram sites to buy / earn free followers
Most HQ one right now. With 1 – 20 instagram accs you win points which can be used later to buy followers and likes. You’ll earn about 100 points per hour with one acc – which is about 8 likes. Add more accounts and use my refferal link up here to earn more.
You can also buy coins etc but free earnings are pretty nice alone.

Quick way to get 20 bonus likes and 10 bonus followers. Easy to register and can be repeated every 12 hours. Requires to follow random people. (just unfollow them after 1 – 2 weeks)

Easy 25 followers, just requires your account and a valid email address.

Partners from mrinsta, the same thing.
They are doing a giveaway at

HQ Followers. No password, no bullshit, no survey. Add the thing, like other people with the app and you’ll get likes.



Will add more sites if I get some more. DM me if you know some good shit.

  • 4. How to bypass instagram ip verification ?


– Use paid residentials proxys. Those are the most HQ.

– Register the most accounts you can when you visit your grandparents, family etc. If you don’t like your family (or they don’t like you), those shitty moments will soon be incredibly useful to you. You can then use the accounts with vtope bot or / andlike your own posts.

– Try using your GSM data plan or a 4G key. It has high chances to work.

– If you have a dynamic IP address then use it.

– Try using VPN’s / VPS / RDPs. Well known ones are blocked, free ones from the play store are too. Try finding a good middleground and some shitty VPN to exploit.

  • 5. Links to some instagram bots with cracks

Follow the Task to Get those Premium Bots.


OB config. Just change the follow thing with yours. You can add another request to like your posts.
Checker from Detects as a virus but it’s not. Pretty easy to use.

Ninjagram. Not the latest ones but it works well and isn’t infected.



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