uTorrent: http://www.utorrent.com/intl/en/downloads/complete
Up-Load account: https://up-load.io/  (or any other PPD site)
WinRar: http://www.winrar.nl/

You won’t need to download any torrent for this method.

1. Go to a movie-site like http://www.imdb.com/ and look at the new cinema movies. I take for example The Amazing Spiderman 2
2. Desktop > Create a directory (map)
3. Rename the map to ‘’The Amazing Spiderman 2 Leaked Scene’’
4. Go to YouTube and search the trailer of your movie ‘’The Amazing Spiderman 2 Trailer’’ and download it with keepvid.com
5. Save the file in your map on your desktop.
6. Rename the file to ‘’ The Amazing Spiderman 2 Leaked Scene’’
7. Make now a .rar file of your directory ‘’ The Amazing Spiderman 2 Leaked Scene’’
8. Open now the The Amazing Spiderman Leaked 2 Scene.rar file and put the video file The Amazing Spiderman Leaked Scene in the map of The Amazing Spiderman Leaked Scene.rar WITH A PASSWORD ON THAT VIDEO FILE!

1. Make a account.
2. Desktop > Create a .txt file
3. Rename it to ‘’The-Amazing-Spiderman-2-Leaked-Scene-Password.txt’’
4. Paste your password of video file The Amazing Spiderman 2 Leaked Scene in the .txt file.
5. Upload it on up-load.io .
6. Desktop > Create a .txt file
7. Rename it to ‘’password.txt’’
8. Put there your up-load.io download link in.
9. Put the password.txt file to The Amazing Spiderman 2 Leaked Scene.rar file WITHOUT PASSWORD

Now people are opening your video file but they need a password. So they open password.txt and they redirect to your up-load.io file and download it 

Spread the The Amazing Spiderman 2 Leaked Scene.rar file on YouTube or make a torrent.

Make a torrent:

1. Open uTorrent and click File and Create new torrent
2. Select your .rar file and upload the .torrent file on TPB, Mininova and more.
3. If you’re uploading much, you’ll get more than 50 downloaders /day
So now people are downloading youre file for free!


  1. is that really or scam site, beacuse is a lot site scam like this?

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