Step 1- We need some premium accounts for this method

Step 2- After you get your accounts

Based on what i did – Netflix – Hulu – and Spotify accounts work the best
You want to think of like a clickbait title

***NOT CLICKBAIT*** HAS TO RELATE YOUR VID LOL but you can click bait if you want

So if you do Clash Royale a title like this works

Clash Royale Video !! | Funny | Plus Account Giveaway !!!

Thats an example change it however you like !

Step 4- Now you have a choice to make

4-1- Is to put the accounts in middle of video

If you do that then right when vid starts do like a screen with text or whatever and state that like this Accounts are hidden in video
Or Choice 2 is
To hide the accounts in description

This works well if you have a long description

YOUR DONE !! This method does work and ive tested it with my channel and 2 freinds channel

Primirally Netflix Or Hulu then they just follow method


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