I was looking through my old files and i saw this and i tried it today.

It was working suprisingly, and should work for you.
I think i bought this for $10 On a old forum that i don’t talk about no more

Here Goes The Method :

So fist go to Any online store(Recomended EBAY) <– Mainly for ebay
(If you don’t use Ebay, See if the store has a TOS for selling in game/virtual items)
If so this may work.

Enter the game you’re looking to get( I mainly like GTA V since it makes lots of money re-selling)

Buy It and wait till you get it.

Use it or sell it fast to your friends.

Open a dispute on the website, and complain saying i expected a game CD not a key.

And refer to the TOS of the Website, and keep bringing up heat and be very mad.

Then most likey, say you will report them if they don’t refund.

And wait for the refund to come in.

Goodluck gamers, and i hope this works for you.


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