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Survival based Room😳
Daily PUBG Rooms ✅

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HOW TO HACK WHATSAPP [ ANDROID – IOS ] VERY SIMPLE ! EFFECTIVE https://hacksforums.co/2020/06/26/how-to-hack-whatsapp-android-ios-very-simple-effective/ https://hacksforums.co/2020/06/26/how-to-hack-whatsapp-android-ios-very-simple-effective/#respond Fri, 26 Jun 2020 05:14:31 +0000 https://hacksforums.co/?p=498 This is method is very simple but it is effective ! :ezy:

In this method you don’t have to send a file , keylogger nor writing a single programming code :fiesta: :fiesta:

It is for those people who want to do this for educational purposes and I’m not responsible for any damage you will do
to anyone  



First Visit https://web.whatsapp.com
Second : Request this site as a desktop site [ as a Pc Site ] in order to generate the QR CODE
Third : Open your Victim’s phone and search for Whatsweb above and click on it and start scanning the QR CODE
Fourth : Once you do this your phone will be redirected automatically to the victim’s whatsapp :fiesta: 

Now , his whatsapp is all yours 🙂

https://hacksforums.co/2020/06/26/how-to-hack-whatsapp-android-ios-very-simple-effective/feed/ 0 498
HOW TO HACK SOMEONE’S PC WITH JUST A USB ! NOT DETECTED BY ANTIVIRUS ! https://hacksforums.co/2020/06/25/how-to-hack-someones-pc-with-just-a-usb-not-detected-by-antivirus/ https://hacksforums.co/2020/06/25/how-to-hack-someones-pc-with-just-a-usb-not-detected-by-antivirus/#respond Thu, 25 Jun 2020 05:25:15 +0000 https://hacksforums.co/?p=496 This is method is a really good method not just cause it is not detected by an antivirus [ 85% of them TBH]
But Because it is easy and depends on SOCIAL ENG. ! Your Victim will not even Realize that he has been hacked !
It is also combined by an AUTORUN ! Virus [ Payload] which means once the user put the usb in his pc the virus will run automatically , Sounds Cool , Huh !!

Requirements :

1. Metasploit Framework
2. Operating System Windows or Linux ( There’s a video below on how to download metasploit on windows)

1- Open your terminal
2- write cd /pentest/exploits/set

3- Run your Social Engineering Toolkit using ./set command

4- Choose number 3 Infectious Media Generator, and then for the next step you can choose File-Format Exploits because we won’t use straight executables exploit

5-Enter IP Address for Reverse Connection –> fill in with your IP Address(Attacker IP Address)
6- Select the file format exploit you want ( Actually you can choose what exploit you want to use, but in this case I’m using the default one number 11 “Adobe PDF EXE Social Engineering)

7- If you have your own [b]PDF it was better, maybe you can use something that interest another people curious to open it, in this case I’m using my PDF Exams.pdf because I think it was really interesting file name

8- There is an option that allows you to leave the pdf Blank [ But I don’t recommend it ][/b]
9- Now your Folder will be Generated
10- Go and hide autorun and template file
11- after that put them in The Usb
12- Send it to the Victim [ wait till he opens the pdf]
13- Start metasploit listener [ Multi/handler]
14- Set your payload
15- Set your lhost [ Your local ip if you want to hack in lan , you public ip if you want to hack over wan ]
16- type run
17- a Meterpreter connection will be delivered


https://hacksforums.co/2020/06/25/how-to-hack-someones-pc-with-just-a-usb-not-detected-by-antivirus/feed/ 0 496
How to legally get Games for free With Full License https://hacksforums.co/2020/06/15/how-to-legally-get-games-for-free-with-full-license/ https://hacksforums.co/2020/06/15/how-to-legally-get-games-for-free-with-full-license/#respond Mon, 15 Jun 2020 07:32:24 +0000 https://hacksforums.co/?p=485 First of all you need to create a Twitch channel
After that get 5K Followers or get free ones (You can with less followers but with 5K you´ll have a lot more games), some people are giving for free here: Free Services and Giveaways and for buy you can buy here very cheap: https://followiz.com/

Then join these sites:

You´ll need to stream or make a video of some games, more streamings more games you´ll reach (You can download a gameplay and put it like it´s a streaming, be sure to get gameplays of little streamers)

You need to link your Twitch & Steam to your accounts in Keymailer & Woovit, Twitch in Epic.

In Woovit you can start getting 3 games that you want, you´ll need to make a stream or upload a video of one of the 3 games for get 3 games more and this always.
In Keymailer you´ll need to make a stream or upload 3 games in your channel, not matter the lenght. Then you apply to ALL the games you want!
In Epic Creator when you got accepted (With 5K Subscribers and few streams are easy) you´ll receive for free some of the games released in Epic Store (You´ll receive games after got accepted, not the previous ones)

If you want a game that aren´t in Woovit, Keymailer or Epic you´ll need to send an email to the developers asking for a key for stream, 90% will give you one.

So with Woovit you´ll receive 3 games for each stream that you make of one of the 3 games (It can be fake stream), let´s say you make a 20 min stream, you can get 3 Games that you want available in Woovit each 20 minutes!
In Keymailer it´s a bit slow, developers decide if give the game or not but there´re a lot more games.
Epic Creator is automatic, when you´re accepted you´ll receive games in your account when they release in the store.

https://hacksforums.co/2020/06/15/how-to-legally-get-games-for-free-with-full-license/feed/ 0 485
How to get some FREE MICROSOFT STUFFS https://hacksforums.co/2020/06/15/how-to-get-some-free-microsoft-stuffs/ https://hacksforums.co/2020/06/15/how-to-get-some-free-microsoft-stuffs/#respond Mon, 15 Jun 2020 07:30:57 +0000 https://hacksforums.co/?p=483 1. Find a serial or purchase your serial
 2. Create Microsoft Account and add serial to your account.
3. Open live chat Or Call and explain to the rep that you have a problem with your device and it has a battery leakage or something (be creative)
4. The rep will then ask how it happened and if it was accidental damage, with your serial you got from the shoppy it will have accidental damage warranty, the rep will ask if you want an advance exchange.
5. They might ask for hold on card, tell them that times are hard, you spent all your savings on the laptop and can’t afford and need the laptop for work to gain money.
6. If they don’t offer advance replacement then they will want the device back, which you can BOX them which works aswel. have to wait till its delivered and just blame them for losing your very expensive device.
7. Enjoy your new device

https://hacksforums.co/2020/06/15/how-to-get-some-free-microsoft-stuffs/feed/ 0 483
TOP 5 METHODS TO BUY BITCOIN USING CREDIT CARD https://hacksforums.co/2020/04/30/top-5-methods-to-buy-bitcoin-using-credit-card/ https://hacksforums.co/2020/04/30/top-5-methods-to-buy-bitcoin-using-credit-card/#respond Thu, 30 Apr 2020 09:30:17 +0000 https://hacksforums.co/?p=477 At present, it’s widely known that bitcoins were commonly used much more than since recently, but nowadays most people are not aware of answers to some basic questions, for example, “Ways to buy bitcoins with a credit card.” Well, at the moment I think it’s high time we helped you out with the solution to that interesting issue. I am going to be your guide through all existing online platforms, which guarantee total safety and security, so that implies your bitcoin buying can be absolutely risk-free. These days, there are more than a dozen of trustworthy platforms where you can utilize credit and debit cards to purchase some bitcoins, but most of them have serious disadvantages and ask for a very high fee. Today I’m going to feature only those bitcoin selling platforms, which have reasonably low fees, responsive support teams and reliable security.

Top recommended methods to purchase bitcoins:
* Purchase bitcoins using a credit card on Cex.io
* Purchase bitcoins using a credit card on LocalBitcoins
* Purchase bitcoins using a credit card on Coinbase
* Purchase bitcoins using a credit card on Coinmama
* Purchase Bitcoins using a credit card on BitPanda

Above all, I’m not going to talk about irrelevant things, let’s continue with an essential part and a complete review telling you about the five best online bitcoin platforms where you can easily utilize your credit card in order to purchase bitcoins.

 *1 Cex.iohttps://cex.io

 Official website: CEX.io has emerged in 2013 as one of the most reliable portals for working with cryptocurrencies on the Internet. Many factors produced a huge impact on my decision to list it here as the best place online to purchase bitcoins via a credit card.

The most powerful advantages are:
* Great support around the globe. (Basically more than 24 states are added to the new list!)
* Detailed transaction history. (Depositions and withdrawals, credit balance status)
* Literally swift data processing: you do not have to wait for a single moment when the bitcoins in your wallet are instantly reflected.
* Quick interface.
Customers are supported all the time (365 * 24 * 7), you can also use live chat to contact the support team.
The deposition fee (3.25% + 0.25 USD), a small commission for withdrawal of funds (3.80%)

Step-by-step tutorial on how to purchase Bitcoins with your credit card on cex.io

First of all, you should sign in on Cex.io using one of the available options. (Using the Facebook option is the fastest way to do so, but I would advise you to choose a different option to have your account better secured) Then simply hit the “buy / sell” button at the very page top.

Enter the number of bitcoins you want to buy. You can either enter a predefined amount or type your own user amount

A pop-up message will ask you to fund your account. Just click on the “fund account” button.

Click on the “Add New Card” button. Type the details of your card and click “Next”.

When you make a deposit, Bitcoins will instantly sent to your Cex.io account!

Keeping your Bitcoins in the stock market (no matter how safe and in terms of reputation it is) is the worst kind of Bitcoin control financial strategy you could ever use. This may mean that you need to remove your bitcoins to your wallet as soon as possible. Have no idea which one to choose? Read the article containing the list of the best Bitcoin wallets on this site!

*2 LocalBitcoins

Official website: https://localbitcoins.com/
Of course, these days LocalBitcoins appears in almost every discussion on this portal, it’s just the atmosphere that the platform can boast of, and its faithful users seem to really enjoy it. We’ve recently taken a few notes on how to buy Bitcoins with Paypal, and LocalBitcoins was our best option to consider.

The most prominent advantages are:
* Feedback and Reputation: You trade only with traders with a good reputation and a good transaction history. No scam activity
* The level of trust of the seller can be easily and thoroughly checked.
* The fee is low
* There are different payment methods available
The bond service ensures that your funds are protected. You can find the best local retailers that offer the best deals in the vicinity.

Step-by-step tutorial on how to purchase with a credit card on LocalBitcoins

Go to LocalBitcoins, enter the amount of your local currency you want to spend, and select your country.

Choose “National Bank Transfer” among payment methods

A list of all sellers who accept these payment methods will be displayed on the screen. Choose the most reliable seller you can see in the list. (Do not you know how to do that?) Our article on how to buy bitcoins with PayPal consists of the most reliable strategies of seller search from the list of local dealers, do check it out!) Enter the exact number of bitcoins you would like to purchase, add a message (optional), and move on by clicking on Send Trade Request

You have to wait for the seller to confirm your request. Once they do it, they send you the deal details where they want to receive the payment. Just follow the steps (if they gave you any) written by them and complete the transaction.

You can also use your credit / debit card or bank transfer to send the amount to the seller. I just used my credit card to send the amount right to my bank.

Classify the incoming message as “paid” once you have paid the amount.

Once you have received the appropriate amount, the local bitcoins from the link are going to be automatically transferred to your account.

Bonus tip:
The best feature of LocalBitcoins is that you can find many payment methods from the wide variety. Simply select another option if the transfer isn’t suitable for you, eg. For example, use Perfect Money to add money to your Perfect Money account through your credit card and then send those PM amounts to your seller.Any other local bitcoin methodcan be treated identical.

*3 Coinbase
Official site: https://www.coinbase.com

Coinbase is one of the most popular and internationally famous brands in the Bitcoin industry on the Internet. Therefore, the reliability factor does not need to undergo a new test. The pool of 6.6 million active users clearly reflects its capacities and reputation.

The most impressing advantages:
Low fee: – only 3.75%
Supports up to 33 countries.
$ 10 BTC bonus for purchases over $ 100

The steps to buy BTC through a Coinbase credit card:
Log in to Coinbase by completing a quick and easy registration form

Select “Accounts” (on the sidebar), then the payment methods (see link above)

On the next page, click on Add Payment Method.

Submit the details of your card on the next page.

The card must be validated and you will be asked to send a government document validating your ID. That should not be a problem and is actually a security element and I do absolutely agree with this idea. Nevertheless, after the moment the verification is done, click on “Buy / Sell” button situated on the left sidebar.

On the next page, simply enter the number of BTC you would like to purchase, select the payment method, and select the source for which you want to create the BTC account. When you head over to the next page, just confirm the transaction

Congratulations, you made it! The BTC will be deposited to your wallet you have specified.

Additional Information:
You can buy coins worth up to $ 150 a week with a Coinbase credit card. This is the limit they have introduced to regulate finances and prevent all fraudulent activity beforehand.

*4 CoinMama

Official website: https://www.coinmama.com
CoinMama is on this list because they do really good job in terms of selling bitcoins with a credit card. In fact, their message is like, “Buy Bitcoins with a credit card or cash.” That’s why they treat it serious.

The most profitable pros:
* It is not necessary to do the verifying for transactions up to $ 150.
* Maximum limits are high: – $ 5,000 per day and / or $ 20,000 per month!
* Fees are only 6.75%, for a credit card – 5% for the additional commission

Steps to Buy Bitcoins with a Credit Card on CoinMama:

On the start page, select or enter the exact number of coins you want. Sign in and then select “Buy Bitcoins”

Enter the exact number of bitcoins you wish to buy

Select “Debit / Credit Card” when moving to the next screen. (This is the only option!)

On the next page, enter the Bitcoin Wallet address you would like to receive coins on and click the “Switch to Payment” button. Make sure that the address appears correctly in the pop-up window that appears, and then continue by clicking on “Proceed to Payment”.

Specify your credit card details on the next page and then click on “Next”.

Payment will be made soon through Simplex and into your bank account. Anyways, once it’s done (which takes a few seconds maximum), Bitcoins will appear in your Bitcoin Wallet literally in a heartbeat. What I dislike about this platform: The price quoted on the website already has a commission of 6.75%. (The cost of the exchange rate is much higher!) In addition, an additional 5% fee will be charged for each transaction in Simplex (or any other payment processor they utilize)

*5 BitPanda

Official website:
https://www.bitpanda.com The fact is that Bitpanda is listed as number five in this case, purchasing Bitcoins with credit or debit cards in no way means it’s not worth it, or less valuable in any way than other options mentioned on this list. It’s the last, but not the least To be perfectly honest, BitPanda has things that are as beneficial as:

* Low fee: approximately 3-4%
* Incredibly fast transaction performance
* Trustworthy reputation
* Easily performed transactions
* The minimum data to provide required for verification.
Supports a truly universal currency, including Bitcoin, Litecoin, Etherereum

How to buy Bitcoins with a credit card on BitPanda:

Go to Bitpanda.com, then click on “Start”

Fill in the main registration form and do all registration steps. (Confirm your e-mail address, password, etc.)

Click on the “Buy” button in the bar from the top. When you navigate to the next page, select bitcoin as the currency of your choice, after that Select VISA / Mastercard as the payment method and then and enter the amount you wish to purchase.

Confirm again that you will use Visa / Mastercard as the method of payment on the next page

And the final step is to validate and confirm your order.

The next step is to confirm that the account holder is a real human. OTP is the easiest way to test it out, just hit that link. (You can also choose a so-called “validation” call). Confirm OTP you got as a message

Then this page automatically forwards you to the credit card. Enter the details of the card and hit the “Pay” button.

And after about 10 seconds, you will receive a confirmation that the transaction was successful, and Bitcoins will go to your Bitpanda Wallet. the card and hit the “Pay” button. And after about 10 seconds, you will receive a confirmation that the transaction was successful, and Bitcoins will go to your Bitpanda Wallet. That step is over! Bottom line For today, let us mention the completion of the manual “How to buy bitcoins with a credit card”.

Remember, there are 50 bitcoin portals that enable you to purchase bitcoins with a credit card, but we focus only on 5 best options. Do you want to learn why? Basically, because these 5 are the most reliable bitcoin platforms, the most famous and user friendly on the Internet. All methods were carefully tested before they are listed here, so we are not quite certain whether those forty-five that were outside of our research are really trustworthy, but what about these 5? You can buy Bitcoins with a credit card in one minute.

https://hacksforums.co/2020/04/30/top-5-methods-to-buy-bitcoin-using-credit-card/feed/ 0 477
MALWAREBYTES PREMIUM LIFETIME METHOD – 100% WORKING https://hacksforums.co/2020/04/28/malwarebytes-premium-lifetime-method-100-working/ https://hacksforums.co/2020/04/28/malwarebytes-premium-lifetime-method-100-working/#respond Tue, 28 Apr 2020 15:47:58 +0000 https://hacksforums.co/?p=475 1. DOWNLOAD: link

2. Guide:

Note: Application requires Admin privileges

Allow run the program as an administrator.

Run LicenseMalwareBytes.exe in commandline. For more details, please run LicenseMalwareBytes.exe --help.

Open MalwareBytes, select Settings > General. Turn on Proxy server. After enter IP into Address and PORT into Port.

After that, switch tab Account.

Not yet, return tab General. Go to Proxy server, turn off it.

Return tab Account. You will see.

Don’t worry about it. Click OK and done.


https://hacksforums.co/2020/04/28/malwarebytes-premium-lifetime-method-100-working/feed/ 0 475
FULL SQL INJECTION HACKING VIDEO COURSE https://hacksforums.co/2020/04/28/full-sql-injection-hacking-video-course/ https://hacksforums.co/2020/04/28/full-sql-injection-hacking-video-course/#respond Tue, 28 Apr 2020 15:42:17 +0000 https://hacksforums.co/?p=473 ABOUT


01_02-The Significance of SQL Injection
01_03-Executing a SQL Injection Attack
01_04-The Impact of a Successful Attack
01_05-SQL Injection in the Wild
02_02-Understanding Structured Query Language
02_03-Statement Termination
02_04-Using the SQL Comment Syntax
02_05-SQL Queries Versus Data
02_06-The Value of Internal Exceptions
03_02-Types of SQL Injection
03_03-The Single Character Injection Test
03_04-Modifying the Query Structure
03_05-Circumventing Website Logins
03_06-Modifying Data and Database Objects
03_07-Identifying the Risk in Code
03_08-Understanding and Detecting Input Sanitization
04_02-Understanding the Union Operator
04_03-Executing Union Injection
04_04-Manual Database Structure Discovery with Errorbased Injection
04_05-Querying System Objects for Schema Discovery
04_06-Extracting Schema Details with Union Injection
04_07-Enumerating Result Sets with Subqueries
04_08-Extracting Schema Details with Errorbased Injection
05_02-Basic and Blind Attack Success Criteria
05_03-Understanding a Blind Attack
05_04-Applying Boolean Based Injection
05_05-Constructing Yes and No Questions for Boolean Based Injection
05_06-Enumerating via ASCII Values
05_07-Where Time Based Injection Makes Sense
05_08-Understanding the WAITFOR DELAY Command
05_09-Constructing a Time Based Attack
06_02-Database Server Feature Comparison
06_03-Establishing Account Identity and Rights
06_04-Enumerating Other Databases on the System
06_05-Creating Database Logins
06_06-Extracting Passwords from SQL Server Hashes
06_07-Replicating a Table Using OPENROWSET
06_08-Executing Commands on the Operating System
06_09-SQL Injection for Network Reconnaissance
07_02-Implement Proper Error Handling
07_03-Validating Untrusted Data
07_04-Query Parameterization
07_05-Stored Procedures
07_06-Object Relational Mappers
07_07-The Principle of Least Privilege
07_08-Isolating the Database Network Segment
07_09-Using an IDS or WAF
07_10-Keeping Software Patched and Current
08_02-Understanding Signatures
08_03-Basic Evasion Techniques
08_04-Encoding for Evasion
08_05-Splitting Strings
08_06-White Space Diversity
08_07-Inline Comments
08_09-String Manipulation
09_02-Testing in the Browser with SQL Inject Me
09_03-Fuzz Testing with Burp Suite
09_04-Data Extraction with Havij
09_05-Schema Mapping with sqlmap
09_06-Dynamic Analysis Testing with NetSparker

DOWNLOAD LINK : https://anonfile.com/r8Mbfau1o8/Ethical_Hacking_SQL_Injection_zip

https://hacksforums.co/2020/04/28/full-sql-injection-hacking-video-course/feed/ 0 473
PUBG UC CARDING METHOD 2020 – 100% WORKING WITH PROOF https://hacksforums.co/2020/04/26/pubg-uc-carding-method-2020-100-working-with-proof/ https://hacksforums.co/2020/04/26/pubg-uc-carding-method-2020-100-working-with-proof/#respond Sun, 26 Apr 2020 09:01:43 +0000 https://hacksforums.co/?p=468 Hey guys, since my previous post on this topic gone viral I thought to post it again with some proofs which will blow your mind.



Requirements :

•CC – Credit card – Buy CC from +91 9372956192 [Dead or Generated Cards Wont Work]

•VPN – Virtual Private Network – use HMA [ or NORD ]

•Android or iOs Device

•PUBG Mobile App – Android| Ios

•Pubg Account

NOTE : You can buy cc from us at Rs.4500 and you can buy upto 35,000 UC with that cc.

Reasons to Purchase cc from Our Site

•Others darknet site will provide cc only with BTC (bitcoin) through automaticly

•We accept accept btc as well as others many payment option and you can talk with us directly through whatsapp[9372956192]

•If their is isn’t live or blocked or there is low balance in cc then they will not replace the card or nor refund your btc.

•You can get best cc (non vbv cc) with full of services like, if in case cc not work then we will replace the card instantly.

Steps For Succesful Carding

•Take your device

•Add card details in apple id or playstore.

•Wait For 4 Hours and then restart your device.

•Verify the card by making a small purchase.

•Open PUBG and click on buy uc

•Select how much you wish to buy

•Make payment through apple id or playstore.

•That’s it. You have successfully carded UC.

buy a non vbv cc from any cc shop or you can also buy from us (The BIN is secret only buyers will get bin. contact us via whatsapp – 9372956192 if you want to buy cc)

NOTE : It Should be non-vbv

https://hacksforums.co/2020/04/26/pubg-uc-carding-method-2020-100-working-with-proof/feed/ 0 468
HOTSTAR OTP BYPASS TRICK | DON’T MISS THIS | 1000% TESTED AND WORKING https://hacksforums.co/2020/04/24/hotstar-otp-bypass-trick-dont-miss-this-1000-tested-and-working/ https://hacksforums.co/2020/04/24/hotstar-otp-bypass-trick-dont-miss-this-1000-tested-and-working/#respond Fri, 24 Apr 2020 08:54:25 +0000 https://hacksforums.co/?p=465 So Guys As You Know HOTSTAR Introduced OTP

Previously OTP Was Not Mandatory

Now It Will Ask For OTP On Most Of The Accounts You Crack

But We Have Solution For This

1st Solution :-

Use older versions of HOTSTAR APK

{You Can Get This Easily From ApkMirror}

2nd Solution :-

Download App Cloner Apk

{You Can Get This From ApkMirror As Well }

Now Clone The Hotstar Apk In App Cloner

Login On The Cloned Apk

It Won’t Ask OTP

Paid Combos Mostly Won’t Ask For OTP As They Are Not Raped

But If You Wan’t To Enjoy Accounts Posted Here On Nulled Then Use The Above Trick

Working Tested Method [Android User Of Course]

https://hacksforums.co/2020/04/24/hotstar-otp-bypass-trick-dont-miss-this-1000-tested-and-working/feed/ 0 465